19 May 2001
Arizona Bottlehead
Cactus Tube Dudes of Arizona
Get together.
The best seat in the house:

Definitely a 1 head wide and 1 head high sweet spot.

Bruce's 811 SET Amp, 6GL7 driver, Polypropylene in oil B+ capacitors,
mysterious external power supply, solid copper chassis, triple regulated filament supply.

Braided power cord with ferrite chokes at power connector.
Toroids on interconnects between amp and preamp.

The small black and blue wires go to a subwoofer.

Bruce's homemade interconnects, Bottlehead magnet wire on cotton cord.

VoltSecond's Paramours

Speakers: HorneShoppe Horns/ Dynaudio Gemini
Preamps: Chaperone and a Bottlehead Foreplay
CD Player: Creek CD60

Some of the Music Played:
Dire Straits                          Love Over Gold
Patricia Barber                    Companion
Sarah Brightman                  Dive
Ronnie Earl                         Healing time
Zoot Sims/ Joe Pass            Blues for Two


Bruce   A.
Bill       E.
Peter   C.
Royce M.
Volt     S.
Paul     G.

Bruce won the door prize: Four 1 uF X7R capacitors and five 0.22 uF X7R capacitors.

Everyone thought there wouldn't be time to listen to their amp if they brought it so more than half the attendees left their stuff at home. Bad guest, bad guest. ;-)

Bill showed us pictures of his speakers. We decided if there was thief big enough to carry his speakers out the door, they were someone you didn't want to mess with. The table in the middle isn't a table, it is part of the bass horn! Altec Clone


We discussed a field trip to

   Apache Reclamation & Electronics
   313 W Apache St.

to search for hidden boxes of ceramic capacitors, toroids and $3 paper in oil capacitors.