20 Jan 2002

           Cactus Tube Dudes of Arizona

Get together.
Rev. Clark invited us over to his abode to listen to wonderful music which was recorded on vinyl and played on his Redpoint Testa Rossa turntable. His speakers are 15 inch Fanes with  TAD2001 coaxial tweeters in cabinets from AIT International. Most of the listening was done with push-pull 45 amps. Everything was custom made in this stereo.

The big gray amp is a Loftin-White single ended 45. The little chrome amp is a push-pull 45 with transformers by Mikey. Personally, I thought the single ended was a little sweeter. The push-pull 45 amp had a bit better dynamics.

Rev. Clark's house is beautiful. It barely looks like an audiophiles abode. There were tasteful pictures and decorations all over. (Even the down stairs bathroom looked better than a few art museum's I've been to! He should charge admission.)

Toby C. was the biggest critic of the group:

Rev. Clark demonstrated two of his platters for us. The first I heard was the second from the top of the line. This turntable was no slouch. Most sane people would be very very happy with this set up.

A little bit later he put on his heavier, top of the line platter. There was significant drop in the back ground noise and increase in low level detail. He explained each of his four platters is out of a different material and have different internal fillers. As the performance goes up, each platter weighs more. According to the Rev, there is no substitute for mass in a turntable.

It is understandable that he has orders book out to the summer for these tables! Redpoint Audio's web site.

This is the Rev's equipment rack.

Below is a close up of the top of the line Redpoint Testa Rossa.

After hearing the Rev's setup, I now have renewed interest in getting my records unpacked and my own turntable tweaked up.

Here are some of the phono step up transformers Peter had on standby. The green one is an ALTEC/ Peerless 4722 and other is an ALTEC/ Peerless 15095A

Food: Diet Pepsi, Sprite, burgers, potato salad and coleslaw.


Peter and Don's push pull ST 45s with 12K Magnequest Nickel Trannies.
Peter and Don's Loftin-White Single ended amp with Raytheon globe 45s, very rare
15 inch Fane with coaxial TAD2001
Peter's custom preamp (a single 14AF7 tube)
Peter's custom phono amp (12SL7 based)
CD Player:
Don Allen modified tube output Philips changer. After one Patricia Barber played on it, we had to get back to the vinyl.
Low level Interconnects:
Peter's custom silver  interconnects
Speaker Interconnects:
Peter's custom silver interconnects (Yes, Silver)
Redpoint Testa Rossa with SME 3012-R arm and Ortofon SPU GM Classic.  The step up trannies are Newcomb T91s.  The record weight is The Anvil by Redpoint.

The un-used step ups were a green ALTEC/ Peerless 4722 and ALTEC/ Peerless 15095A transformers, that aren't sensitive enough to run the .2 mV output Ortofon SPU cartridge.

The phono interconnects were 28 ga. coaxial cable with SMA connectors.

Some of the Vinyl  Played:

Dead Can Dance         Toward the Within
Cowboy Junkies          Trinity Sessions
Sunday's                      Wild Horses
Cassandra Wilson        Days Aweight
Billie Holiday                Songs for Distinque Lovers
Dead Can Dance         The Serpent's Egg
Velvet Underground     Walk on the Wild Side
Chopin, EMI                Piano Concerto #1, Paul Kletzki/ Pollini Philharmonic
Patricia Barber             Companion (The only CD played.)


Volt    S.
Bruce   A.
P. K.   A.
Don     A.
Howard  F.
Bill    E.
Bruce   H.
Jeromie S.
Doug    S.
Craig   S.
Toby    C.

Again, a few more people got away before I got their names. I'm not the best with names. The same day as the meeting at Peter's, I forgot my wife's middle name. She is have a royal good time teasing me about that.