21 Sep 2002

           Cactus Tube Dudes of Arizona

Get together.
Another rushed meeting. Richard had an unplanned Saturday off and invited us over Friday.

I was a bit late and missed most of the fun. I could only stay about 20 minutes. No one bothered to take detailed notes.

Richard had a straight 8 kit that he built a duplicate of with different drivers and a 2 inch thick front plate. These sounded pretty good.

I drug along my modified ART DIO with unity gain and current source load on the opamp.


Food: Chips and dip


Richard's Paramours (Filament snubber + Cathode mod)
Straight 8's with two inch thick front
Richard's Foreplay
CD Player:
No record/ Art DIO
Low level Interconnects:
No Record
Speaker Interconnects:
No record

Some of the Vinyl  Played:

Some of the CDs:

Richard    R.
Volt         S.
Mrs. Volt  S.
Royce      M.
?             ? One got away